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Welcome to Multisolution

our goal is to provide you with technology that makes your life easier and help you get the most out of your data and focus on your business to get positive and long lasting business results , which help . you and your company succeed , we offer a wide range of solution which give you a short cut to knowledge. more...


Multi solution has a widerange of Business applications that keeps the company in control of its resources.


Software Video

Demo video for the main parts of our systems.


Website Design

Multi Solution has acquired a significant Using a unique design for each web site that is simple and eay catching to a Hract more visitors.


Standard Commercial version

A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, compilation of items, purchases & suppliers,.


Industry (for factories)

A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, manufacturing and details of.


We have integrated solutions suited to many businesses General Ledger, Cost accounting, Fixed assets,Inventory and stock management,Purchases and suppliers, Sales and Customer, Pos and bar code, Payments and receipts, Checks and bank accounts , Personnel and payroll, User's guide, Using different Currencies , Security options for accessing software components 


Our target is to assist you in getting positive and long-lasting business results, which help you and your company succeed. Specifically, we offer a wide range of solutions which give you a short cut to knowledge about your business and help you get the most out of your IT-investments.

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Software is available with video contains a detailed explanation of visual and audible each subset of particles programs; It serves as a permanent presence of a support staff and training company Multi Silyoshn of users of the programs as useful in case of influx of new users to work on the program. Featuring integrated programs open the possibility of any number of companies, where the accounts of each separate company from the other completely, and can, through this open more than a separate institution by a single program If you create more than one company on one program can be collected budgets of companies in a single consolidated budget. The possibility of knowledge of project costs for construction companies, each project separately with the knowledge of profit from each project, whether the company is working in the field of construction only, or also work in the field of real estate investment, and can also extract detailed reports of the accounts of subcontractors (abstracts) for each project projects and also the total accounts for each contractor. Service Activity: through the program can use the commercial sales service for companies with a service activity, whether for-profit or not-for-profit. Programs can work on all types of internal and external networks, linking all branches and monitored via the Internet Allow the commercial version of the standard knowledge of the value of the item in the customs invoices purchases imported taking into account the different price of currency and price class when you buy in the customs, and add the value of miscellaneous expenditures on each invoice with the division of expenses and customs automatically on the cost of items; so that the entry of the goods to the stores in the program actual cost to them. Possibility of merging the programs of real estate investment and construction, where it is the direct effects between the cost of projects and sales of real estate investment and public accounts to see profit projects, each project separately; and extract the integrated budget of the institution in all its branches. Administration, the program provides clinics prior knowledge of patient complaints and prescribed medications during the recording of his complete medical file for each patient, as the benefit program in the organization of entry and exit to detect in the clinic. Follow-up program allows customers to log all follow-ups, communications and transactions with each client and also work with billing and offers detailed terms of reference for staff and supervisors in the registration and approval of invoices, giving warnings colors markup schedule follow-ups past, present and future. You can program the salaries and personnel affairs to follow the movement of staff Aleomp entry and exit from the institution with the account of salary for each employee based on the vocabulary of his salary and a list of rewards and sanctions of the company, it also allows to print all publications of its own, and can be linked to the program accounts for integrated is the work of constraints accounting for all financial operations which program to affect salaries in the public accounts in the integrated program. You can through the sales and shipment of cement to send messages to mobile customers when their payment coupons, can also be used to send marketing messages as a specific set of customers. The company Multi Silyoshn work a set of special programs for a variety of bodies - public and private - such as the Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt, Kuwait Embassy in Cairo (medical attaché), University of Assiut, Al-Hussein University Hospital, and others.