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System Advantages

1- Registering items and tax codes and registering invoices and receipts

2- Upload invoices, receipts and credit notes to the tax website

3- The possibility of dividing items into groups in a tree-like manner according to what is compatible with the work situation and its classification

Under their own groups with the ability to add a manual description of the items

4- The ability to add non-store items (services) with the ability to add a manual description

5- The possibility of registering (document) electronic sales with all their details and uploading them to the Tax Authority website

6- The possibility of canceling a document that has been uploaded from the program and it can be heard directly on the Tax Authority’s website

7- The possibility of making a discount on each item (allowed discount)

8- Record the shipping cost for each unit and the total invoice

9 - Recording the deduction and addition of taxes (value added / table / source)

10- Various reports (for items / sales / sales invoices)