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Welcome to Multisolution

our goal is to provide you with technology that makes your life easier and help you get the most out of your data and focus on your business to get positive and long lasting business results , which help . you and your company succeed , we offer a wide range of solution which give you a short cut to knowledge. more...


Multi solution has a widerange of Business applications that keeps the company in control of its resources.


Software Video

Demo video for the main parts of our systems.


Website Design

Multi Solution has acquired a significant Using a unique design for each web site that is simple and eay catching to a Hract more visitors.


Standard Commercial version

A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, compilation of items, purchases & suppliers,.


Industry (for factories)

A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, manufacturing and details of.


A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, manufacturing and details of direct expenses, compilation of items, purchases & suppliers, sales and customer, payments and receipts, cheques, bank accounts, wages and salaries, user's guide, cost centers accounts for each branch or activity, ease of control and manage the system levels and securing data & giving huge number of detailed reports.

The user enjoys the benefits of the link between all these elements and it became possible to get statistical reports easily such as:

  • To obtain the income list and the budget any time.
  • Making the final calculations, closure of the financial year and opening a new one by one click.
  • The user can know the net profit during any period.
  • He also can know the fund balance and bank accounts during any period.
  • Control the balance of warehouses, know the current balance of all the stores & for each store and stores inventory at any time.
  • Printing the price list based on what is stored in the program memory and give reports about changes in the items price during a specific period.
  • Know the balance of any type at any time.
  • Know which items achieve the highest sales and which achieve the highest profits.
  • Know the stagnant items in any period.
  • The program gives alerts when the goods reach the minimum limit or expired.
  • Following-up cheques collection, bills of exchange, control the funds and banks.
  • Control salaries accounts, advances, discounts, rewards for employees and printing payroll.
  • Know an agent sales during specific period, and know the proceeds from his sales during that period.
  • It's possible to make different cost centre for each branch, so that we can know the profits and losses of each branch separately.
  • The ability to know the incoming and outgoing of any fund or bank in details, and analysis of any account during any period.
  • Securing the program access through passwords to ensure the data protection, the program also provides special privileges for each user.
  • Know the customer accounts and their debts, also know the total sales and the maximum of the debt for each customer.
  • Know the suppliers accounts and their creditors, also to know the balance of suppliers.
  • Know the purchases invoices during any period and the proportion of purchases items as a percentage of the total purchases.
  • Know the sales invoices during any period and the proportion of sales items as a percentage of total sales, and know the sales and purchases of any item during any period.
  • The possibility of the including grace period for each customer with. The program gives alerts in case there are payable invoices during any period.
  • Control the purchases and sales process, know the details and the cost of import shipments and insert the items prices & the currency prices.
  • The ability to add the expenses to the purchases bill to increased cost.
  • The ability to combine several items to become one item is recorded in the memory of the program.
  • The ability to separate any item to its essential components.
  • Suspend any process and remain open until it is completed.
  • Simple process to form items containing more than one component in stock.
  • Simple process to separate items containing more than one component in stock.
  • The ability to add direct expenses charged to the cost of the product.
  • The ability to recorde selling prices in labor orders and print a statement by these orders to give it to the customer .
  • A direct link between the stores and all operations.
  • A detailed report containing the components of the items.
  • Report contains all the processes.
  • Report contains all the ended processes.

Program Advantages:

  • The ease of data entry and the ease of dealing with the program.
  • Linking all branches of the program to each other and the precision of the immediate direct impact.
  • The effect is automatically in all accounts as soon insert a single input.
  • The ease of the program navigation such as surfing the internet.
  • The program prints all the company publications such as: (purchase invoices, sales bills, payment vouchers, vouchers of cheques receipt and delivery, quotations and purchase orders)
  • Giving warnings for: (payable cheques, payable bills, Items that have reached the minimum or maximum limit and need to be reordered, expired items ).
  • The possibility of adding a detailed program for employees attendance and leave, sanctions and Insurance.
  • The program works on all types of internal and external networks and telecommunications, it also links all branches and control them.
    It's possible to make a detailed program for manufacturing and production lines with direct and indirect costs.

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