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Welcome to Multisolution

our goal is to provide you with technology that makes your life easier and help you get the most out of your data and focus on your business to get positive and long lasting business results , which help . you and your company succeed , we offer a wide range of solution which give you a short cut to knowledge. more...


Multi solution has a widerange of Business applications that keeps the company in control of its resources.


Software Video

Demo video for the main parts of our systems.


Website Design

Multi Solution has acquired a significant Using a unique design for each web site that is simple and eay catching to a Hract more visitors.


Standard Commercial version

A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, compilation of items, purchases & suppliers,.


Industry (for factories)

A specialized version covers all aspects of business activity such as public accounts, currencies, fixed assets, inventory control and management, manufacturing and details of.


The main target of the program is to follow-up each customer and all details that concern to him; however was the number of the customers, you can get the details of any client that you search for so easily. You also can search for the items and sales, printing invoices and quotations, get various reports about customers, vendors or items. Specify the different powers of the supervisor, the vendors and secretarial to ensure the data securing.

The user enjoys the benefits of the link between all these elements and it became possible to get statistical reports easily such as:

  • It's possible to insert all customers data such as (name - activity of the company - the way of deal with them – address, including the country, the city and the region - telephone and faxes - recording observations - a website & e-mail).
  • The ability to access the data of any company through searching for it by (name - activities - mobile phone - Telephone).You can do that through writing only the first two characters of the company name, then you'll get all the company data without effort.
  • Recording the names of the countries,division of each country to provinces, division of provinces to sub-area with ability to extract reports of erea in province in country.
  • Record many types of costumers with ability to extract reports of each type.
  • Link between each costumer and area.
  • Record items data (name and code and the price).
  • Printing the invoices and quotations.
  • The ability to make more than discount on the invoices and quotations whether the discount with price or rate .
  • Screen to approve the proposals and invoices by the supervisor of vendors, delegates.The bills and presentations divided to three cases:
  • - Under examination:It is cases that have not been given approval after.
    - Refusal:It is cases that have been rejected by the supervisor
    - Approval:It is cases that have been marked by the approval to be sent to the customer.
  • Present the previouse cases to secretarial after the signing of the supervisor to follow up costumers.
  • The program is multi-user and powers, It has more than 33 validity, the program user can't do any action without having a specific validation, for example, he could not add or delete (user - customer - item - Offers) or watching any reports without permission.
  • It's possible to specify a number of areas for each representative ,others can not look only if the supervisor in charge of this area Or any person to give faculty see the details of the same area.
  • The possibility of extracting the customers data as an EXCEL sheet.
  • The ability to record the communications and interviews with the costumer and record the sepicific day to contact or interview.
  • Customer names appear on four different colors
  • - Green: Customer required follow-up today.
    - Red: customers who had requierd follow-up at the last.
    - Yellow: Customer required follow-up tomorrow.
    - White: costumer will require follow-up in future .
  • The ability to get a variety of reports......
    - Report on all customers.
    - Daily report on the follow-up customers
    - Report on customer (depending on the type of
      deal with him).
    - Report of overdue follow-ups.
    - Report all follow-ups.
    - customers who drop out of the deal during period.
    - Vendor sales (And by the sales representative of any type of items for a specific area during   period).
    - Representative performance during period of which contains a number (follow-ups,    presentations and invoices) for each representative.
    - Sales items graphically for each representative during period.
    - Know Know drawings costumer for specific item during period with the quantity and price.

Program Advantages:

  • The ease of data entry and the ease of dealing with the program.
  • Linking all branches of the program to each other and the precision of the immediate direct impact.
  • The effect is automatically in all accounts as soon insert a single input.
  • The ease of the program navigation such as surfing the internet.
  • The program prints all the company publications such as: (purchase invoices, sales bills, payment vouchers, vouchers of cheques receipt and delivery, quotations and purchase orders)
  • Giving warnings for: (payable cheques, payable bills, Items that have reached the minimum or maximum limit and need to be reordered, expired items ).
  • The possibility of adding a detailed program for employees attendance and leave, sanctions and Insurance.
  • The program works on all types of internal and external networks and telecommunications, it also links all branches and control them.